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Lade' Talk!

What happens when you decide to stop giving a fuck! Supposedly there's such a thing as backwards law! I just started reading, "The Subtle Art of not giving a fuck!" and though I can say it was different than my normal girl power, black woman hear me roar self-help books that I love, I soon was grabbed in by the author's candid- no fucks given attitude! Well you see, this is a side, as I journey into Chapter 32 that I am wanting to refine. You know how sometimes when you get a taste of something you kinda go overboard and then you revert back to not having whatever that thing is but then you realize you can't do without it, so you seek to find a balance? Well, because I can never make a long story short the long and final point is, I was introduced to the thought/concept that I could say No! and not give an explanation- not warranting an explanation was a sure-fire way to let the other person know, despite your reasoning for asking my No with a periodT (yes with a capital "t") is the end of that discussion. When I decided to put that into affect I became more in tune to my power. And that allowed me to be more aware of MY wants and desires and become better and eventually the best at knowing what is best for me. I am still figuring this out however, Tapping into that power opened areas of strength and belief in my capabilities that propelled me on a journey into creating the life of my dreams, literally by revealing the power of manifestation. But it all started with understanding and valuing a No without an explanation and being okay with it! Tell me do you struggle with saying No? Or maybe you were like me who felt guilty for saying No so you offer explanations in an effort to get the other person to accept and approve your No? If, so I get it. When was the last time you can remember that you gave fucks when no fucks should have been given? Was it a relationship, a crappy job or the person cutting you off on the road? If you are ready to unleash your capability and tap into the best life you can achieve, I can help. It starts by gaining better control of your life and one way is setting boundaries. You have the power and I can help you tap into it! Feel free to schedule your complimentary discovery call today!

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