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LIT [Lade In the Street] Talk is your can-do, keep it real, tell-it-like-it is conversation style that penetrates even the thickest of walls, to reach the inner feminine energy- where our power lies.

Lade' has an innate ability to connect to the source of a problem and equips women with the skills to tap into their inner self to not only discover, but also develop solutions to life's common problems. 


She has over 15 years of experience teaching, encouraging and nurturing the whole person and her focus now is to empower women.

Contact Lade' to help your audience begin their journey to healing and living the life they have only dreamt of- until NOW! 

 Speaking Topics


  • Why Not Now: You are a Gift Open up and be present!

  • You are the Best Version of You: No Carbon Copies allowed!

  • Money Matters and So Do You: Spend Wisely!

  • Diamonds aren't a girls best friend, Dividends are!

  • High Schools, Colleges & Universities

  • Non- Profit Organizations

  • Community Events

  • Churches

  • Career Readiness Centers

  • Corporations

  • Women's Shelters

Lade' is available for the following engagements: 

Panel Discussions, Keynote, Motivational,

Article Contribution

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