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is NOW!

LADE' Akins is a certified Life Coach whose life's purpose is to teach women how to win by living LIT lives! Her motto is simple, yet straight to the point... always remain, "Forever a Lade!" What is a LADE you may ask, well LADE, pronounced lay-dee, is the acronym for the firm's purpose, Ladies Aspiring to Develop Empowerment.

​We, as women, often ensure everything around us is taken care of. How many of us forget about the most important person that makes things happen- ourselves?! After years of experiencing the same cycle without a clue as to how to break it, Lade's vision was created and thus LADE & Co., LLC came to pass in direct response to meet that need! 

You can begin again! You can have better! You can have MORE! Now is the time for your own life to be your greatest success story! In order for you to be successful and accomplish your God-given purpose it takes time with self and connectivity to a sound support system that cultivates your vision.


Focus on the leading lady in your life- that should be YOU! And watch what begins to unfold as result.


​The time is NOW!

Lade' equips women with the tools they need to keep a passionate life LIT, encompassing, wellness of the mind, body and spirit! Let's travel, heal and become well together. Let's always remain, Forver a Lade'!

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