Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a coach?

If you want a change of some sort – whether it is changing or creating a habit or behavior, improving your work-life balance, changing your career, improving your relationships, being more creative at work etc – AND you are ready to take steps to achieve it, then you will benefit from having a coach.

What is the difference between coaching and counseling?

1) Counseling generally aims to solve problems by understanding what happened in the past. Coaching is almost exclusively future-focused.

2) To counsel means to give advice. Coaches do not give advice – instead they use various techniques to facilitate the process of an individual finding the best path for themselves.

Is coaching like mentoring or training?

No, training tells individuals what to do in certain circumstances. Mentoring often has some elements of coaching but differs in that the mentor also offers guidance based on their experience. If you get told what to do or how to solve a problem then it is not coaching.

How can coaching help me?

An essential part of the coaching process is asking relevant and often challenging questions. My experience allows me to do so in a way that will keep you curious about yourself and that will inspire you to stretch your thinking. The point of each session is to make you more resourceful to find your own path going forward. The focus is entirely on what you want – I assist you with making sure that happens!

How much does coaching cost?

Fees vary from coach to coach, and are based on a variety of factors including whether it’s in-person or over the telephone. I charge on a package basis. Our fee arrangement is worked out once we’ve had a complimentary strategy session and I have a better understanding of your current situation and goals. Payment can be made by wire transfer, paypal or credit card.

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